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Welcome to Mirror Kingdom

At MirrorKingdom.com we are honoured to be providing the largest and affordable selection of jewelry, while providing phenomenal quality. Our philosophy is simple: to offer incredible value on stunning, state of the art jewelery at very low prices.

We come from a long line of professional experts and retailers from all of the world from cities such as Sydney, Las Vegas, Honk Kong, Paris. Where four generations of jewelers have operated in one of the oldest chains of jewelry stores: Christensen Diamond Centers.

-Professional customer service since 1961.

-Stunning quality, made with Eco Friendly Precious Metals.

We are focused on the high fashion market, where uniquness and elegance dominates the market. As the high fashion market can be very expensive, we decided to cut down and innovate bleeding edge designs and material to make high fashion jewellery more affordable to the general public, without cutting on quality.

Welcome to Mirror Kingdom

We at MirrorKingdom.com are very transparent about our quality standards, and we wish to meet the highest of expectations, and will continue to and strive to be the Australia’s leading retailer of jewellery.

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